Montana SEO

For Montana businesses that really take their marketing serious search engine optimization is a must. What Montana SEO can provide is exposure to people who are in market for your products or services, but don’t have a brand in mind. For example, when a customer searches for a product, without knowing a brand, they often search for the service plus the city, e.g. Kalispell Dentists. This can make search engine optimization a great additional to your overall marketing program.

Where Montana SEO will fall short is branding. While we can help you build up your brand through social media and content marketing, SEO is typically just an opportunist form of marketing; one that takes advantage of current customers. So, if you have an unpopular niche, one that doesn’t get searched for often, SEO may not be right for you.


How Inquiry Engine Does Search Engine Optimization Differently

Montana SEOThat’s exactly how Inquiry Engine is different. We will do the preliminary research to give you realistic expectations, and an actual budget for what it would take to compete for your target search terms. We have helped numerous businesses avoid the added expense of targeting unrealistic search terms, such as “diamond jewelry,” by explaining what it would take to rank for that term, and how much it would cost to get there.

We don’t just give you a quote either. We give you the full breakdown of the content needed, links needed and how you can incorporate other aspects of internet marketing into your program. We want our partners to have a full grasp of how internet marketing works, and these outlines are the first step in doing that.

So, feel free to contact us to get an absolutely free breakdown and quote on your SEO project, and details on how I provide SEO help in Montana.