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Case Study: Harris Southwest Dental

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This project is just starting, so I’ll update it as things progress.


Harris Southwest Dental is a brand new domain, with a brand new website and a completely new SEO strategy.  With a competition niche and area, thanks to Texas having some of the best SEO’s around, this is going to be an uphill battle, but a lot of fun.  We had to start over with a new domain because the old website company wouldn’t release the domain name.  That isn’t unusual, and is a common practice for retaining clients.  They have to contact you when considering switching websites.

Anyway, since we couldn’t get the original domain we opted for a close match domain name.  Meaning, we picked a domain name that utilized a keyword.  This has been losing ranking power a lot over the last couple years, but there can be some pull from it.  It was also a better option than having a long domain name for the company name.

Our strategy for Harris Southwest Dental moving forward is actually unique for us.  We are focusing on content marketing and social media to drive growth.  Typically we look to get our content featured across the web, but this organic strategy could be much better in the long run.  We’ll see as things progress.

Case Study: Chesbro Electric

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This case study is a bit different.  This website was built for the company my brother manages and works for, Chesbro Electric in Buffalo, WY.  They’ve been in business for many years, and are now going to start doing internet marketing.  This is a great step forward, in my biased opinion.  That being said, they have been extremely effective through network marketing and quality workmanship.  The process I’m taking with them is to build a website, optimize it, work in some adwords and then really push it on social media.  For social media we are planning on focusing on video and testimonials.

Case Study: Seafood Apparel

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Seafood Apparel Cast Study

This project is still in process, so this is initial research and observations.


Word Done: Content Creation and Optimization

Starting Status: Very little content

CMS: WordPress

Ranking: >10 Not in top 200

Seafood Apparel is a clothing website inspired by the fishing industry in South-East Alaska.  Their core shirts actually feature some of the local fishing vessel in that area.  The website had already been created on WordPress with a WooCommerce theme and a WooCommerce E-Commerce Plugin.  WooCommerce is a great solution for e-commerce websites because of the ease of short codes that they offer.  It allows you to build product landing pages without having to be able to code.

To implement the project we had to create landing pages focusing on their target keywords, clean up the alt tags and titles on images, improve the internal linking of the website and do some minor link building.  The minor link building will allow them to start going after long tail keywords, phrases of 3 or more words, but additional link building will be required to further improve rankings.  One of the strategies that we are going to utilize to build links is content marketing.  Thanks to the owners vast experience in Alaska fishing we are going to utilize his background to create content that his peers will find engaging and/or funny.

Case Study: On the Move

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On the Move LLC Case Study:

This project is still in the works, so these are the initial observations and results.


Word Done: Optimization

CMS: Weebly

Ranking: Outside top 20 for all keywords

Content: Well written content, but nothing for search engines.

About On the Move:

On the Move LLC is a local moving company in Bozeman, MT.  Their website was built on Weebly with some help from friends.  The great thing about Weebly is that the website is already quite fast.  So, we could focus all efforts on creating optimized content for their search terms.  In the initial meeting with Zach we talked about areas he wanted to target.  He specifically mentioned a few local cities that he wanted to target, including Bozeman.  So, our content strategy was based on ranking for people looking for moving companies in each city.

Since adding the content we have seen increases in rankings.  We achieved a couple top 10’s in the less competitive cities, and top 20’s for the more competitive ones.  Moving forward with the strategy we are starting to do some link building, and directory building on the most important directories.  Directory link building should be done lightly, and only done on the most trustworthy of sites.  Zach is also talking to other local businesses, and past customers to see if he is able to create partnerships with their websites.

Case Study: Faithful Mugs

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Faithful Mugs Case Study


Work Done: Weebly Design, Content Creation and Optimization

Starting Stats:

CMS: Weebly

Starting Ranking: >20 (Outside top 200)

After Optimization: In top 20

Content: No SEO content, and only content on 2 pages.

Faithful Mugs is a Christian based travel mug company that specializes in American made coffee mugs. With the website being on Weebly we didn’t have to worry about improving the speed of the website (Weebly does a great job of this out of the box). So the initial focus was on content creation, and improving the layout of the home page. We created several pages for the website, and mimicked a different theme in Weebly in order to get a good home page.

We found that Weebly was both a gift and a curse. Having built a lot of websites on WordPress in the past I have been blessed with how open it is. However, Weebly is a great option for those who are looking for a straightforward website, especially E-Commerce, and don’t want to have to worry about designing a whole website.

Anyway, we’ve completed the initial content and optimization of the Faithful Mugs websites, and were gifted with a couple top 20 rankings by the next day.

The client has chosen to work on link building and blogging on their own.  So, our top 20, with one in the top 10, was our contribution to the project.

Case Study: Grocery Delivery

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Work Done: Content Creation, Speed Up Website and Optimize Everything

Starting Stats:

Speed: >15 seconds

Ranking: >10 (Second page or worse)

Content: Very little

When I first took on the Big Sky Grocery Delivery website the load time was over 15 seconds (yikes), and didn’t rank on the first page for any of the keywords (City Grocery Delivery and Grocery Delivery in City).  The reason why the site was struggling was lack of links, very slow speed and content not being relevant to the specific keywords they were targeting.


Update: 30 days into the project we have taken root in the top 3 for all of our main keywords.  In total the project took 4-5 hours of work, and focused completely on generating content for the website.  For small niches like this one, especially when locally focused, it can take as little as a few hours of work to do very well in the search results.  The website owner is going to continue doing content marketing, social media and link building on her own with some guides and instructions from me.  With a few more links acquired it is likely that the website will take root in the top spot.