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My name is Cody Jerry, and I’m a Bozeman Internet Marketer. I first started in search engine marketing when I was working as the Marketing Director at Ressler Motors. While working there I was able to more than quadruple the amount of total internet traffic, and more than triple the organic traffic.  Since then I have worked on well over 300 different websites and achieved great results with each.  I’ve developed a system that is able to harness your website’s current ranking ability, as well as continue to enhance it.  This has allowed many of my customers to make huge improvements to their bottom lines, and continue to help their companies grow.

What I Offer My Bozeman SEO Clients

    • Keyword Research
    • Content Optimization
    • Content Creation
    • Structure Optimization
    • Crawl Budget Optimization

After the website is properly structured I will dive right into the content and title tags. The search engines have gotten a lot more complex than just using keywords, but I spend a little part of every day keeping up to date on the latest trends and tricks to properly implement content on your website. I also make sure to write in a natural way, and not over stuff the content. There’s a lot more to optimizing a website than getting rankings, and I will help you not just get traffic, but also convert it to customers.

Price of My Search Engine Optimization Services

Every Search Engine Optimization campaign is completely customized for that particular website and niche.  Small, uncompetitive websites will have lower costs than competitive niches.  If you only have one competitor, and they haven’t been around very long, then it is likely that you will have a lower cost than someone with 15 competitors in the same town.  We also have campaigns that are targeted nationwide, which involves a great deal more work.  To get a real quote for my SEO services I welcome you to contact me below.  I will give you a full breakdown of the keywords that we would be targeting, how competitive they are, and where you currently stand for them.

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