Billings SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to grow your business in Billings, MT.  The reason why Billings SEO is essential is because you are targeting active customers, people who are searching Google for your business.  There is no better time to be marketing to those customers than when they are actively searching to hire or buy from you.  For Billings businesses, this is also often the only time they will get an opportunity to earn someone’s business.  Billings draws in customers from Big Timber to Miles City to Sheridan.  That means that many potential customers will not hear radio ads, not see TV ads and will be difficult to target on social media.

Billings SEO Services

How Billings SEO Works

Every website on the internet in 2017 is SEO friendly. Unfortunately, that means nothing. Search engine optimization is a three part process: site structure, page optimization, and link building. You need a website that properly targets the phrases that people are searching for your business, called keywords, a page that is properly optimized for a small group of related searches, and link building to build up your site’s authority. Links were once again one of the largest factors, if not the largest factor, for website rankings.

SEO Content Creation

Search engine optimized content in 2017 is much more about overall context than just the keyword on the page. SEO of yesteryear was often just using the keyword as often as possible, while not destroying readers eyes with the frequency. Google has become much smarter in the last 7 years, and can now understand the overall context of the content. While it isn’t perfect at doing this, it does mean that the context of your content has just as much impact on your site’s rankings as the individual keywords.

For your website, that means having a sufficient number of words on the page to properly discuss that topic, engage the customer and satisfy Google. That is at least 300 words, and ideally over 500 words. You will notice that most local web developers will not create pages with sufficient space for that content, and will even create home pages with no content at all. These websites are not designed well for SEO, and will frequently struggle to rank. For people with already existing websites, there will be an upfront cost to overcome the flaws in your website design. For new websites, I can help connect you with a great web developer who specializes in building great websites.

I believe that specialization is an extremely important factor when looking for SEO in Billings, MT. SEO is often an upsell for people and not a real service that is provided.

Link Building

Link building is the process of getting other websites, other than the ones you own, to talk about your brand and services. If you spent the afternoon emailing all of your friends and simply asking for a link you will likely end up empty. For link builders, we start even further back. We need to convince website owners that don’t even know us to talk about someone else’s company. It turns into a numbers game where you need to reach out to many people than you would expect. That’s why link building is resource intensive, and one of the largest factors in the cost of one of my SEO packages. For local businesses, the time spent on link building will be much smaller compared to a national brand.

To get a quote on my SEO services in Billings, MT I welcome you to contact me.